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Blessed Bracelet Bundle - "God Bless Us All Bundle"



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Do YOU love Our Lord and know a few others that do as well? Recently while checking through our orders we noticed that a lot of people were buying these together so we decided to create a bundle and make them CHEAPER so everyone can share in Our Lord's glory and spread his word and love around the furthest parts of the globe.

Bracelets In Our Bundle:

1 x God Bless Bracelet

1 x I Love  Jesus Classic Bracelet

2 x English Lords Prayer Bracelet

Know someone who would love this as a gift? Why not share these out at your next Church service or youth group!

We also have a bundle offer on our bundle offer for those who want to buy more to share around.


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    • The God Bless Bracelet features the words "God Bless" on a bronze metal plate so you can always feel blessed. 
    • The I ♥ Jesus bracelet features the words I   Jesus on a bronze metal plate so you can always be reminded of the love you have for him.
    • The Vintage Lord's Prayer Bracelet features the full Lord's Prayer engraved in English with flow-on text style so you can carry the Lord's Prayer with you wherever you go.
    • All bracelet are made from leather and feel great around your wrist.
    • Both God Bless & I ♥ Jesus bracelet bracelets measure 21cm (8.3 inches) long by 1cm (1/2 inch) wide and have an easy hook clasp so it will fit on the wrists of both men and women and come on and off easily.
    • You will be able to start conversations about Jesus and show others how incredible he is and how much he means to you!
    • The retail price for this bundle is $115.39 and will be going back up soon so if you wanted one be sure to get one today!
    • Order 3 get 1 FREE (check the bundles tab or above for more bundle deals)

    Wear these bracelets as a declaration of your faith, and a reminder of the gift of salvation that you have been given. 

Shipping time 2-5 weeks to USA and 5+ International

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