7 Ways Christian Jewelry Can Make You A Better Disciple

May 15, 2017 1 Comment

7 Ways Christian Jewelry Can Make You A Better Disciple

Since the beginning of Christianity, faithful people have used symbols and images to support their faith. They used paintings or stained glass windows to tell Bible stories to people who couldn’t read them. They used sculptures on stone tombs to remind their mourners of the return of Jesus Christ on the day of our resurrection. They also wore symbols on their bodies to remind them of their duty and their salvation.

Christian jewelry can do many of the same things for us. The symbols we choose to wear can help us grow in faith. Here are seven ways Christian jewelry can help you be a better disciple.

Recall God’s Promises

When Israel crossed the Jordan river for the first time , Joshua told them to take twelve stones from the river as a reminder of God’s salvation. They were to stand as a constant symbol of the promise God gave them. We use symbols like crosses to do exactly the same thing. When we see them, we remember what God has promised us, eternal life in Christ.

When you wear wear Christian jewelry, you wear the symbols of the faith. With a look at your vintage Lord’s Prayer Cross bracelet , you will remember what your savior did for you on the cross and how he promises to be with you now. It will remind you of his promise to hear and answer your prayer.

While it’s always important to remember God’s promises, it’s especially important when we’re suffering. When our hearts hurt so much we can’t stand it, we need a constant reminder that this world is not our home. Our home is in Christ, who will wipe away every tear from our eyes on the day he returns.

Commit To Faithfulness

When a couple gets married, they exchange rings as a symbol of their promise to each other. Their rings show themselves and the whole world that God has united them as husband and wife. The rings are a physical reminder of their relationship, and it goes with them no matter what.

While Christian jewelry might not have the same depth of ritual as the exchange of wedding rings, you can use Christian jewelry the same way. Wear a cross on your wrist, our neck, or your finger, and it can remind you that you are God’s. When you are tempted, remember that sin does not own you. In Christ you have been made to walk in a new life, not following our sinful desires.

Build Relationship

Most Christians know someone they might call a mentor in the faith, someone whose life and attitude they should imitate. Sometimes it’s a formal arrangement in an official church mentoring program, but most of the time these relationships develop naturally over time.

Christian jewelry can be a wonderful way to build or to celebrate a mentoring relationship. It’s gift that is about more than appreciation or a good relationship, it emphasizes the faith you share and the joy you have in Christ. Whether for a baptism, a confirmation, a special event, or just as a nice gift, it can help bring you closer.

Practice Spiritual Disciplines

Throughout the Bible, faithful people expressed their faith in actions, called spiritual disciplines. They developed a pattern of fasting, prayer, service, giving, and worship as part of their spiritual habits. When people needed to repent or they wanted to emphasize their prayers, they might fast. These spiritual disciplines are not attitudes. They are actions designed to affect our hearts through our bodies.

People used to talk about tying a piece of string around your finger to help you remember something. You need to go to the grocery store later? When you see that knot around your finger, you won’t forget to go.

Here’s how you could use Christian jewelry to help. You want to try a new spiritual discipline. You want to read the Bible more regularly, to fast, or intentionally serve people more. You could get a new piece of jewelry as a symbol of the commitment. Slide a ring on your finger, or put a necklace around your neck, and you will remember your commitment every time you see it.

Remember A Special Day

Different groups of Christians celebrate different kinds of special days in their Christian lives. Some Christians use confirmation as a day where young people confess their faith in Jesus as Lord. For others, it’s the day of their baptism.There are lots of ways to celebrate growth in the Christian faith. Most Christian groups have some way to mark the transition from the faith of childhood to the faith of adulthood.

Whatever that day is called in your tradition, a gift can be an important way to help someone think back to that special day. Many years from now, someone will look at the gift you gave and think, “That was the ring I got on the day I was baptized.” All the warm feelings and the joy will come back.

Keep A Promise

Christians no longer have the cultural support for our values that we used to. We see it all around us in TV, music, and movies. They undermine our way of life and the commands that God has given us. Christians spend a lot of time talking about how to resist or avoid these influences. You can avoid all media and turn off the internet, but there is no escaping it altogether.

Purity rings are a popular way to fight against temptation. Usually, an adolescent participates in a commitment ceremony to be chaste until married. Other times, a young Christian couple decides they want to commit to each other to resist temptation. They symbolize the commitment in exchange of rings. Now, every time they move their hands, the slight movement of the ring reminds them of the promise they made to each other and to God. However you do it, a piece of jewelry can symbolize your commitment to keep a certain promise.

Start A Conversation

Beaded evangelism bracelets are a popular project for high school and middle school youth groups. Each colored bead represents a part of the story of salvation and the promises God gives to us. They help us remember how to tell the story to people who don’t know it. If you haven’t heard of them, check out these instructions with explanation .

But what adult is going to wear a piece of jewelry every day that looks like you made it in summer camp? Whether you wear a suit or a uniform to work, everyone wants their jewelry to make them look better, classier. Beautiful and interesting pieces of jewelry can do both. The symbols are a great starting point for a conversation, and you will look great.

God has made us physical creations. We are both body and soul, so we react to physical things as much as words. While jewelry does not make you a better disciple by itself, it can be a reminder and a symbol of the faith that we cling to. Having an piece of jewelry on your arm, your finger, or around your neck can be a visceral, physical way for the Holy Spirit to remind you of what he says in the Bible. It can support your faith and help to make you a better disciple.

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