4 Ways To Make Mother’s Day Special


It’s almost Mother’s Day in the United States, and families are (hopefully) getting ready to celebrate the unique role that mothers play in the family. In many families, mothers take the lead in organizing their children’s lives, arranging schedules, helping with homework, and the like. Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate how much mothers do for their families. Moms play an important role in helping lead the family in the faith. It’s important for both parents to lead by example by going to worship on a regular basis, by reading their own bibles at home, and by helping their kids find good bibles that fit their age and reading level. While the Bible places Fathers as the leaders of the household in faith, it is common to find mothers filling that role, too. Here are four ways that you can help make Mother’s Day special in your family.


1. Put Time And Effort Into A Personal Project

While everyone loves gifts, sometimes the best ones come from the heart rather than from the store.


If you search online, you’ll find article after article quick and easy homemade crafts for Mother’s Day. While each of these crafts may be nice, most also look like premade crafts that you get from a website. A unique piece can really make Mom’s day, because it shows real planning and effort to make something just for her.


That doesn’t mean you have to spend countless hours to create something. If you take a cue from what the best preschool teachers do with their art projects, you can create something wonderful and unique on a busy schedule. They use something called, process-based art . Rather than create a copy of someone else’s craft, process-based art gives kids materials and a process to create their own unique art.




Here’s one suggestion: Find a canvas, several matching colors of washable paint, and a paint roller at your local craft store. Ask your children to choose a color, and roll the paint onto one of their hands. Help the child carefully press his or her hand onto the canvas, continuing with the same color until the child wants to change. Wash his or her hand and move to another color.


2. Find A Nice Gift That Fits Mother’s Day

Gifts are excellent ideas, too. When you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, though, consider finding something that emphasizes the wonderful role that moms play in the family. It’s a great way to show how much you all appreciate her hard work for you.


Consider one of the many beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can find online that come as necklaces or bangles. They remind us that God uses mothers everywhere to love their families and take care of them. You can even find some that allow you to add engravings to personalize it with a message.


3. Find An Activity To Do Together As A Family

Our phones, tablets, game consoles, and televisions have a way of placing each family member in their own digital world. So much of our time is spent paying attention to a screen rather than to each other. Mother’s day is a great excuse to break down those barriers by interacting with each other. Find an activity that Mom loves and that the family can do together. Think about what she loves most and try to pick something that fits.




This is important: Don’t make her plan it. Sometimes the activities we plan for Mother’s Day create a big mess or add more work to her day. That doesn’t sound like a great way to celebrate, does it? Make sure that someone other than mom does the planning and the cleanup for the whole event. She will appreciate not just the fun you have together but also the effort you took to make it easy for her.


4. Appreciate Her The Rest Of The Year

While Mother’s Day is a great way to show mom how much you appreciate her work, it’s even better when you show it every day of the year. Surprises throughout the year can be just as special, or even more so, because they are surprises. Even little things, like picking up a card or her favorite treat, can have a big impact.


This is especially important for fathers to do. Children learn how to treat their mother by how fathers treat their spouse. Boys learn how to treat women by watching fathers and mothers interact. Girls learn what they should expect from men the same way. If the father treats mom well, it helps the whole family.


Mothers are wonderful examples of how God takes care of families. They, along with fathers, do so much work to raise children and contribute to the household. You can use these tips to help you give thanks to God for the mother he has given you, and to show her that you appreciate her.

Ryan & Grace

Ryan & Grace

Through this site, Grace and I hope to inspire others to find the grace and peace that I have found, and to know that even in the darkest moments, God is with us and He has a plan for our lives. This blog is our way of giving back to the Lord and sharing the love and hope that He has given me.

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” ~ 1 Peter 3:15

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